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Prototype to Pitch: Dream Tank’s One-Day-Workshop

April 14 was a day full of ambition, learning, and creativity at the Impact Hub.  This was the One-Day-Workshop put on by DreamTank, where kids and adults alike spent the day crafting real life solutions to our world’s most relevant and prevalent problems.  When the...

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Little Einsteins

It is far too simple to make the stock claim that “children are the future” of the world. While this is not untrue, this is a dismissive statement— we wait for children to grow up before we, as “adults”, trust them enough to listen or allow them to enact...

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My Hero’s Journey with Dream Tank

Dear Readers, I am delighted to bring to you Dream Tank's Annual Report for 2017. I was assigned this report when I signed onto Dream Tank as a Fellow at the end of August, and have since been working hard to deliver what would be a culmination of our...

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