Invest Crypto In Youth Entrepreneurs

  • Children and teens have mindsets of unlimited potential and possibility; which we could all use to create the new economy.

  • Youth eat, sleep and breathe technology. They have the capacity for miraculous breakthroughs using technology.


  • Young people have the best imaginations and are the best innovators on the planet, and we aren’t listening to them.

Youth Centered Design™

Dream Tank is a social enterprise that leverages youth centered design™, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence tools to teach children social entrepreneurship, impact investing, whole person development, (aka the Hero’s Journey) business planning, and other skills aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We provide support for kids to launch their dreams for impact through accelerators, workshops, and forums that give them the support they need to turn their ideas into real-world business ventures. This is achieved through a multi stakeholder approach, putting children’s voice first converting their untapped wisdom into a brighter future for humanity. We do this by providing access to digital tools, mentorship, and an inclusive environment to innovate. 

Dream Tank is registered as a nonprofit in Colorado and is in process of receiving 501c3 status.  Dream Tank is fiscally sponsored by Impact Charitable, a 501c3, during this process.


Ignite kids around the world through entrepreneurship to innovate the future and make their biggest dreams a reality.


  1. Receive a tax-deductible donation to offset your crypto profits.  
  2. Be on the cutting edge of innovation.
  3. Grab a seat on the Dream Tank rocket ship and join our community.

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

Agreed upon by 193 countries, the UN’s SDGs represent the world’s largest and most inclusive democratic process in history. Together these goals lay out an unprecedented and compelling roadmap to achieve a sustainable future that engages 100% of humanity. For more information on the UN’s SDGs visit: UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.

Dream Tank is registered as a non-profit in Colorado and is in process of receiving 501c3 status.  During this process, DreamTank™ © 2018 DreamTank™ is a project fiscally sponsored by Impact Charitable, and contributions to Impact Charitable for the benefit of DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.