Dream Leadership

Dream Leadership

Heidi Cuppari

Co-Founder & CEO

Heidi is a pioneer in social change finance and business, and a mother of two children. After serving as a wealth manager at UBS Wealth Management, in 2014 she founded Anastasia Finance and serves as an impact investing guide/concierge to women, millennials and their families and help activate global systemic change.

When imagining what would be needed to achieve moonshots such as the SDGs by 2030, she realized that we needed people with the best imaginations in the world: kids. Thus, she started Dream Tank with Ashley Kulik in July of 2016. Heidi believes the power and creative genius of kids can innovate a better future for all. She thrives in building in mentorship and community connection to this end. Her dream is to grow Dream Tank globally to further amplify the voices of youth and their participation in meaningful and bold community change.


Mike Scala

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Mike Scala is a World Record holder, philanthropist, and activist. In 2013, Scala established the “Mike Scala Foundation for Youth,” (MSFY) an organization that provides aid and educational opportunities for at-risk youth in 15 countries and over 40 cities around the world.

Scala serves as an advisor for a number of international Non-Profit organizations, is a NEXUS Global member, and has helped build/create a number of successful social movements both in the U.S. and internationally. He has spoken around the world at universities and conferences such as Rutgers University, NYU, Business Institute of Scandinavia, NEXUS Global, Decade Of Woman, Mak-X, Thomson Reuters, and more. 

In addition, he is also the lead vocalist for electronic crossover group Delta Underground and one of the most sought-after producer/songwriters in the Indie Pop and Electronic underground scene. He is currently working with teams and members of One Republic, Tokyo Police Club, Deadmau5, Logic, Lady Gaga, and more.



Co-Founder, Dream Tank Senior Kidsultant and Dream Tank Squad Captain

Summer is 13 years old. She loves owls, art, film, music and entrepreneurship.

Summer is a key advisor to Dream Tank’s programs and created a card game to learn and unleash big ideas related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Story Architects and Kid Critic Youtube Shows, under the mentorship of Dream Tank. Summer donates 7% of her profits to Dream Tank, a kids entrepreneurship accelerator she, her mom, brother, and mentor created, and 7% to the Kiva Center, which she and her brother Cody helped launch.

Jewels Rossallini-Coker

Board of Advisors & Operating Partner

Jewels Rossallini-Coker is CEO of TeslaFintech, a Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IIoT and Cryptocurrency technology company that provides Strategic Advisory Services to Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and NGOs. TeslaFintech builds dApps using Fourth Generation Blockchain protocols for the Financial Services, Supply Chain and Cybersecurity verticals.  She is a sought-after speaker on the topics of Identity Management, Digital Privacy and the Human Trafficking.

In 2018, Jewels was named a Woman Thought Leader in Blockchain for her work advocating for gender equity and purpose-driven initiatives. In her role as founder of TelsaFintech, she was recognized as a Top 200 Thought Leader for 2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.  As a delegate with the SDG Frontier Finance Forum in partnership with the United Nations, she’s contributing her omni-win mindset to form incentivized collaboration systems utilizing blockchain, Cryptocurrency and AI to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  


Tony DiMatteo

Board of Directors; Chair

Tony is a serial entrepreneur currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Lottery.com, a venture-backed technology company based in San Francisco, California, and Austin, Texas, with additional offices across the globe.  He is a sought-after industry speaker and thought leader, and his approach to entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, and the gaming industry has been reported on in The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Inc. and more. He has also been a featured guest speaker at Tony Robbin’s Platinum Finance and Peter Diamandis’ A360 events speaking on digital currency. DiMatteo previously held numerous executive and C-level positions in tech companies across multiple industries, is currently a leader in writing the playbook for security token offerings, and serves as an advisor to several ICOs and blockchain companies.


Faris Oweis

Dream Instigator & Operating Advisor

Faris is a storyteller, strategist, and natural connector of ideas, people, and places. After working in the corporate cubicle world for many years and watching a life changing TED Talk, he struggled to find a role that fit his skill set and interests. So he figured children globally struggle with this same problem and wanted to help address it.

Faris is DreamTank’s Advisor and part of growing community of big dreamers. He collaborates with city leadership teams, social impact entrepreneurs, and community change makers to demonstrate the possibilities when youth become a catalyst for achieving SDG’s. His goal- Leverage DreamTank’s social entrepreneurship and “youth centered design” curriculum to break down the disconnect between parents, kids, school systems and the future of work by aligning youth ambition with SDG targets.  Faris is co-chair for the Smart Cities committee with the Blockchain For Impact initiative, a partnership with the United Nations Office of Partnerships and also serves as Advisor to several startups at the intersection blockchain and systems change.



Game Creator

Cody is 10 years old. He loves nature and sports. He mostly loves creating and leading games.

His dream is to help Dream Tank create a social impact and achievement-based rewards-based program with gaming, micro-and cryptocurrency components.

(Cody hid and made the easter egg on this website.)

Colborn Bell

Board of Advisors; Finance

Colborn is a private wealth manager and manages investments in green energy, hospitality, education, aviation, real estate, and art and specializes in helping technology and innovation-focused companies expand their international presence. He recently launched Crypto Currency Asset Management company, Finitie Square Well. “Passionate about discovering novel, market-based solutions to alleviate global poverty, promote human dignity, and ensure global security. Desire to drive transformative and structural change in developing nations though progressive policy, technology, education and cross-cultural diplomacy.“


Robi Mitra

Board of Advisors: Expansion & Finance

Robi is Chairman and CEO of K&A Resource Group a collection of human capital management solutions focused on Industry 4.0. He purchased the initial company, K&A Staffing from his father in 2016 and subsequently acquired LME Resource Group in 2017. Prior to his role as an entrepreneur, Robi advised on or participated in more than 75 transactions during his 22 years of family office, private equity, investment banking, and capital markets experience.

In his spare time, Robi is an active board member and advisory board member to the Tri-Community Coalition, Einstein Educational Ecosystem and Vehicles for Change, respectively. His personal life includes spending time with his wife and three children and their animals.

Robi received his MBA from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and earned a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.


Christy Szoke

Board of Directors; Marketing & Tech

Christy Szoke is an artist, art historian and journalist by trade, who grew up tornado chasing. She is an experienced writer, designer, brand manager and producer. She co-founded Fathym, which empowers everyday users to bring application ideas, data, devices and communities to life with a flexible, accessible and collaborative technology platform. Previously she co-founded Kids Intermedia, an innovator in cloud-based collaborative media platforms. Roles included business development, brand identity, content strategy, UI/UX design and strategy, graphic design, video production, copy editor and more.


Co-Creators & Advisors

Council of Jedi

Greg Bamford
Sarabeth Berk, PhD
Sumanth Channabasappa
Patty Klauer
Greg Sklar
Nicole Glaros
John Tayer
George Deriso
Tim O’Shea
Travis Russi
Amber Nystrom
Praful Shah
Julia Richman

Anya Smith

Jake Aloia
Corey Kohn

..and more!

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