Sometimes You Need to Think Like a Kid!

April 14 8:30am-6pm

Solving the world’s big problems requires extraordinary imagination, entrepreneurship, and conscious collaborative capital. 

Program Goals

Design for the UN SDGs

Ignite innovative thinking and entrepreneurial action

Engage in cross-generational impact investing


Journey to a world where anything is possible

Where kids dream up impossible ideas

Where kids and adults can take that dream and design to bring it to life

And bring it back to Earth to pitch their dreams to make them into a reality

In Alliance With

A collaborative, highly experiential approach to problem solving in which small teams tackle a problem (related to a UN SDG) you feel deeply moved to solve.

Each team is a brand new venture, and has the freedom and autonomy to spark innovative ideas that could change the world.

Teams also share learnings and co-create with other teams periodically, in order to maximize our collective understanding and potential impact of the whole group.

Entrepreneurial teams embark on a journey of discovery to:

  • The Power of Why: Explore intentions for the new venture
  • Empathy + Deep Listening: Deeply understand the problem you want to solve
  • Dream: Generate multiple solutions
  • Prototype: Build prototypes of the future
  • Test: Rapidly test solutions, fail fast, and learn


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