Dream Tank

We are on a mission to ignite kids around the world through entrepreneurship to make their biggest dreams become a reality.

We’re recruiting the adventurous explorers— the dreamers with the boldest ideas on the planet.

Kids learn to design something they are passionate about and create a business around it, whether it is a product, a service, an experience, or just an expression to share with others. We focus on igniting creative ideas that have a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

By the way, there is an “easter egg” hidden on our site. Find it, message us with what you found, and the reward is a free Dream Tank session!

Sponsors & Community Partners

These amazing partners truly believe in unleashing the creative ideas of young people to design the future and have contributed in-kind and financially in a big way.


“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are kids’ footsteps on the Moon!”


“This is the best camp I’ve ever been to! Can we come back next week?”

“I wish it was an overnight camp and two weeks. I think this will be a huge camp like Avid for Adventure.”

“I thought it was really magical because it used a lot of imagination and creativity. I loved the time machine we built to visualize our ideas”

“I think Dream Tank was fun and exciting. I also think Dream Tank will help me be successful.”

– Dream-Makers


“Thank you for the passionate and amazing gifts you shared with all of those kids. My daughter love, love, loved it. She is feeling nourished and successful at bringing herself even more out and into the world.”  

“I love that Dream Tank encourages kids to dream and act! I love seeing my daughter Anya believe in her dreams. The Owl campaign brought so many together for a common cause. Bravo!!”

“I realize now I was getting in the way of my own son, I was a naysayer. My eyes are now opened and I think kids have the ability to dream up innovations to change the world, and Dream Tank gives them the confidence and tools to do this.”

– Dream-Maker Parents


“Dream Tank is one of those special opportunities that allows kids to rise up to the challenge of creatively expressing ideas that are in their hearts and minds. They are given the perfect combination of guidance and play to allow for this beautiful transformation to occur. I was honored to be a part of their inaugural launch and gain invaluable insight from these bright kids.”​

– Pitching venture at Dream Tank, first Mission Launch, July 2016


“Wow!!!! What an amazing night! Joy and innovation filled the Boulder Impact Hub last night. A group of brilliant children shared their ideas and their genius with an enthusiastic crowd.​”

“I really enjoyed all the presentations on Tuesday. Those are some amazing kids!”

– Guests at Dream Tank Pitch Nights

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2017 Annual Report

Dream Tank is registered as a non-profit in Colorado and has 501c3 status.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.