Team work makes the Dream work!


A Huge Thank You

As summer comes to a close, and the Dream Team reflects on a very full and exhilarating 3 months, we want to extend our sincerest THANK YOU for your involvement, passion, and contribution to Dream Tank. Because of your knowledge, talent, openness, and generosity. DreamMakers in Boulder launched their ides to new heights. We are humbled by your faith in and commitment to the kids and their dreams. The world is a better place because of YOU!

Our Accomplishments this Summer

Dream Tank began the summer piloting our fellowship program. We had a fantastic group of CU masters students, undergraduates, and high schoolers from Boulder and as far as Ohio, who each had critical roles running Dream Tank and executing on its mission of igniting kids dreams in Boulder.

“Dream Tank inspired me to teach young men and women to dream big while benefitting the planet.”

-Alex, HS Junior; Curriculum Development Team

Summer Accelerators


We held 3 summer accelerators and 3 pitch nights involving 34 DreamMakers launching their socially conscious business ventures. We played games, went on scavenger hunts, built a time machine, solved design challenges, and launched dreams!

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors, community partners, and hosts: Mackintosh Academy, Impact Hub Boulder, Galvanize, Kitables, Whole Brain Consulting, Pax World Investments, SHEO, TechStars, and Highlander Wealth Management. Thank you also goes to the businesses for our Pearl Street scavenger hunt: Galvanize, Reality Garage, Thrive, Made in Nature, Impact Hub Boulder, and Patagonia.

DreamMaker Success Stories


9-year-old Helyn Simpson-Teplin (Left), from Boulder, CO, joined Dream Tank’s first summer accelerator and rejoined 2 weeks later for our super accelerator for returning DreamMakers. She created the “Kinetic Store” that makes energy generation fun and addresses the Sustainable Development Goal #7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). Her idea stemmed from combining her love of gymnastics and her passion about the environment. Helyn’s product aimed to capture energy created through fun activities, such as jumping on a trampoline or cycling. EnergiLAB, a Colorado based company that works on similar issues, and Community Cycles, a local non-profit, offered her advice as well as donated equipment towards her first prototype. Inspired by Helyn’s idea, the group will be seeking to find a gym in Boulder willing to power their entire space using the kinetic energy it creates by people exercising.

Bodie Fox is a 9-year-old skater, surfer, and snowboarder who often loses things. That’s why he decided to create Shredder Stickers when he joined Dream Tank a year ago. Shredder Stickers makes fashionable stickers with a water-resistant tracker inside that will go on your snowboard, skis, or skateboard and more, so that you can locate them. He is looking to partner with TrackR for use of the trackers to go inside his stickers, and help TrackR design for kids and their ski/snowboard equipment. He plans to have an online store with multiple contemporary designs that people of different ages and genders will like. He has been connected with the company to move this partnership forward, and Bodie may become their first kid-sultant and partner!

Need a co-working space?


Our friends at Impact Hub Boulder are now offering a great new benefit to those interested in a co-working membership – Receive up to 3 complimentary leadership development and business coaching sessions (a $450 value) provided by Pursuits Coaching when you become a new member, now through 9/30/17!

Impact Hub offers flexible co-working plans and dedicated desks in a collaborative, sunny workspace. The free OZO coffee, organic teas, fast internet, high-speed printer and great community make this an exceptional value. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Whats next for Dream Tank

This fall, Dream Tank plans to pilot our Think Tank model in Boulder, where kids will get together specifically to solve a real-world design challenge for a company or cause. We are in the process of seeking sponsorships for this exciting opportunity, as we would like for it to be free to the kids who participate. If you know of any potential sponsors and/or collaborators, please contact

We will shortly release some other fall programs for new and returning DreamMakers!



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