What is dream tank?


Solving big problems requires a big imagination.


Our mission is to ignite youth around the world through entrepreneurship to innovate the future and make their biggest dreams a reality. How do we do this you may ask?

Dream Tank helps youth understand the biggest problems facing our planet.

Dream Tank empowers them to create solutions to enable real-world impact. 

Dream Tank lets them propose tangible solutions in a safe, constructive environment.

Dream Tank looks to youth to help solve global problems.



Accelerator Design Challenges with Strong emphasis on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), social impact, and using technology for good. 

A Membership-Based Portal pairing youth with a mentor network, entrepreneurial toolset, and financial resources.

Social impact accelerators with real-world entrepreneurial and design-thinking skills, with a youth-first approach.

A Think Tank made up of youth to help companies solve local problems around the world, leading to global solutions.

Our History

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

Agreed upon by 194 countries, the UN’s SDGs represent the world’s largest and most inclusive democratic process in history. Together these goals lay out an unprecedented and compelling roadmap to achieve a sustainable future that engages 100% of humanity. For more information on the UN’s SDGs visit: UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.


Dream Maker

Kids who turn turn dreams into reality and passion into projects.


An individual who starts and runs a business with limited resources and planning, taking account of all the risks and rewards of his or her business venture. The business idea is usually a new innovation, product or service, rather than an existing business model.

Social Entrepreneur:

A person who pursues an innovative idea with the potential to solve a community problem. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives.

Dream Crusher:

Somebody who shoots down ideas or dreams of others.

Impact Investing:

Refers to investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside (or in lieu of) a financial return.

Collective Impact:

The commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem, using a structured form of collaboration.


-Dream Tank respects all life, in any form

-Dream Tank believes the purpose of all business is people, planet, & profit

-Dream Tank does not tolerate Dream Crushing!

-Dream Tank believes that Failure is a sign of succeeding

-Dream Tank serves others rather than trying to dominate them, for the good of all life on the planet

-Dream Tank is open to all who are willing to better the planet with their ideas

-Dream Tank seeks to encourage responsible consumption of technology

Dream Tank is registered as a non-profit in Colorado and has 501c3 status.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.