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POP Movement Concert in Honor of Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri

Dream Tank is deeply honored to host part of the music concert on the Dream Tank Portal this Friday!  Dream Tank’s own Global Youth Ambassador, Dany Gottera, will be performing at the concert. Come join us! We will be livestreaming in the Theater room of the Portal. Register HERE ASAP!  

On the 81st birth anniversary of the POP Movement’s Late Chief Mentor, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri (Patchy to many), the POP global family commemorates his memory through a series of tributary messages, art, and music performances.

Awards in the names of Dr. Pachauri and John “Mac” McQuown will be launched. The RK Pachauri Award for youth-led climate action, the John “Mac” McQuown award for youth-led climate technology and innovation, and a crowdfunding campaign will be announced to raise resources for rewarding young climate leaders to advance the mission and work of Dr. Pachauri’s brain-child, the POP (Protect Our Planet) Movement.


DreamMakers spoke at the POP Festival for Youth-led Climate Action

Some of our Dream Makers (youth social entrepreneurs) were invited to participate in a session called “Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Climate Action” this morning, June 9, 2021.

This discussion on day 5 of the POP Festival for Youth-led ClimateAction, 2021 highlighted the vision, experience, and lessons learned from new-age entrepreneurs who have used creativity and technology in various ways to combat climate change.⠀POP (Protect Our Planet) is a non-profit organization that promotes and mobilizes global action and aims to empower the youth to have active participation in addressing issues of climate change faced by our planet.

Check it out here:


Photos from the event, from Left:
Zoom screenshot with youth and leaders around the world, Emma Kraft talking about Coral Sunscreen, Cody Gould demonstrating his SDG Virtual World, Heidi Cuppari speaking about Dream Tank as a whole.

May the Fourth be with You @ The New Dream Tank Virtual Headquarters

Dream Tank is excited to unveil our new virtual headquarters, hosted on the RedRex platform. On May 4th, we will be hosting our first event in this space, an open house for our highly aligned partners, mentors, investors and Dream Makers to come together and network for good!

What: Activate the Force on the 4th with an open house and tours of our HQ, Networking, Partnership Opportunities.
*Feel free to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character!*

Date: May 4, 2021 – One of our favorite days of the year

Time: Two Times Available to Join

Partnerships and Collaboration and HQ Tours– 11am-1pm EST / 10-12pm CST / 9-11 MST / 8-10 PST
Youth and family tours / sneak peek of initial Island 17 / Gaming for Good prototype, applications for the program to develop the game. 6-8pm EST / 5-7pm CST / 4-6pm MST / 3-5pm PST

Background and Origin of The Dream Tank Portal

In November 2019, Dream Tank’s CEO Heidi Cuppari met the CEO of RedRex Jenn Bonine, on a call in preparation for Jenn to speak at a collective impact event Dream Tank was producing along with The Digital Economist.  The more they talked, they learned they were both women in tech and entrepreneurship, moms with entrepreneurial and service oriented children, and they’d both be in Davos for the World Economic Forum’s 50th annual meeting. In that first meeting, they came up with the phrase “Rapid Action Collaboration,” shook hands that they’d support each other, led a roundtable at the event to activate their friendship and partnership Since then, they’ve volunteered, sponsored, celebrated, strategized in person, co-produced collective impact events, hackathons, and put their kids and many others on the UN stage as Youth Ambassadors together.  

A year and a half later, their wonderful teams are now launching the Dream Tank virtual Headquarters, The Dream Tank Portal, powered by Red Rex, who has invested much time, money and talent to create a space for youth to feel safe, heard, dream, design and launch their dreams, collaborate with cross sector leaders, and most of all, have fun.

About Red Rex

Red Rex creates virtual office buildings with their own floors, layouts, office spaces, and conference rooms. The Dream Tank Portal includes offices for our team and key partners, meeting themed conference rooms, and walls to display artwork and get inspired. We’re excited to host you there!

Events at The Dream Tank Portal

Stay tuned! We’ll be hosting more networking events and collaboration sessions in the Dream Tank Portal and highlighting the work of our Dream Makers and Incredible Partners. 

Opportunities for Partners

We’ve got some truly amazing partners here at Dream Tank and we want to put a spotlight on them and be a space for radical collaboration. Partners and partner organizations can contact us for a chance to be nominated as an SDG ambassador at one of the Dream Tank Portal events. This means they’ll get their own room in the Dream Tank Portal for the event, will be featured as a keynote speaker, and will be highlighted on our website and in our blog. If you’re looking to make strategic connections and get even more out of your partnership with Dream Tank, this is for you! 

This is just the Beginning! 

The Virtual HQ powered by Red Rex is just the first step on our journey to create a global youth social entrepreneurship ecosystem. It is a place to find strategic partners, or to join the mission to build Island 17, or even to just be inspired by all of the amazing things that young people can accomplish when we enable them to build their dreams. So join us, step into our mission control, and help us reach 1 billion youth who are going to engineer the future, today.    

RSVP Below and ensure to provide your email, and we will send you a specific access badge to enter the virtual building on May 4.


Hayden’s 13th Year Kindness Challenge

On April 17th, at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, an unimaginable tragedy struck the Hunstable family. Overwhelmed by the drastic effects of the pandemic on his family and lifestyle, Hayden Hunstable took his own life just four days before his 13th birthday. The devastated family, eager to make a difference in the lives of other children affected severely by COVID-19, shared Hayden’s story with the rest of the world. 

Now Dream Tank, along with the Robert Jones Black Foundation, has put together the Kindness Challenge, a contest for the world’s youth that encourages kids from all different backgrounds to support each other through this trying time by sending in videos and tributes of kindness. Dream Tank is challenging children and adults alike to come together in spirit, if not in person, and live an extraordinary boy’s thirteenth year for him. 

Please take the time to watch this video in full – it is a PSA an extraordinary group of families have put together in just FOUR DAYS. We wanted to release it as a birthday present on Hayden’s birthday.

Hayden’s story has inspired us all, fortifying our trust in each other as we make new connections and are reminded why, even in this time of crisis, the word “unity” is present in “humanity”.

From an act of desperation, a community of support and harmony was born.

From Hayden’s loneliness, so many were brought together.

Our mission is to celebrate not just Hayden, but the millions of brilliant minds, hearts, and souls whose voices are drowned out by the constant commotion of the world. We have reflected on his suffering and have strived to make fundamental changes in our own lives, with our own families, that ensure no one has to go through what he did again. We have made dear friends out of complete strangers and have had the privilege to call people living across the world family. 

Hayden, you are heard. You are loved. 

And as your eyes closed, the world’s eyes opened. 

-Amalia Rose Battle (age 12) 

Take The Challenge

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