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Design The Future Accelerator – ERacism + Re-imagining Education

Following the success of 4 years working with youth, Dream Tank is offering this 6 week accelerator, Design The Future, that will guide youth, along with a cohort of other youth and inter-generational leaders, from the art and power of dreaming to activating the changes they wish to see in the world. What sets Dream Tank apart is the quality of attention paid to youth’s dreams, passion and purpose through the mentorship of successful entrepreneurs. Youth voices will be heard and will be supported through the design and launch phases of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Design the Future will include deep focuses/dives on personal development; the conception, design and launch of Dream Makers’ (youth ages 8-28) own individual enterprise, whether they already have an idea or a business, or not; and a weekly collaboration with your fellow Dream Makers and Game Changers towards redesigning education or your chosen collective impact theme from the below topics.

Design Challenges will be presented to youth entrepreneurs to collaborate with cross-sector leaders for moonshot goals for humanity, using a tried and tested model for collective impact.  Focus will be built around the world’s most urgent challenges and the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, taking youth through the stages of  Dream-Design-Collaborate-Launch of ideas others have thought impossible. This program includes collective impact and the entrepreneurial journey. Our program will be taught virtually, off line, and in small ‘home circle’ groups with age groupings of 8-11, 12-15, 16-19, 20-28, but all skill building, deep dive workshops and collective impact projects will be inter-generational.  

The program will culminate in a one day ‘demo day’ and collective impact summit with cross sector leaders in attendance. 

The youth have called for a primary focus on ERascism: Eradicating Injustice and this will now be a component integrated into every piece of programming. 

Other topics proposed by youth Dream Team Leaders:

  • Healthcare Aid/Assistance
  • Mental Health
  • Community Resilience 
  • Economic Restructuring/Digital Economy
  • Education 
  • Open Innovation
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We are proud to announce the completion of our first Summit on June 5

On June 5, Dream Tank Dream Makers hosted a virtual summit.

Here are some exciting stats from our event, including the top three finalist of our Hackathon:

Following on this success, we are busy organizing a Dream Tank summer experience. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, please sign up to join our movement here, and/or  join our slack channel to connect with our growing global team and hackathon participants!

Reflecting upon Dream Tank Global Hackathon: Reverse Pandemic Challenge

The Reverse Pandemic Challenge has recently finished. We got many wonderful and innovative ideas. These came from places all around the world, and a variety of ages. So many incredibly unique ideas came from our youngest participants being as young as 8 years old, but they have shown that age is not a barrier as many of them have transformed their ideas into a reality and managed to win with their determination and the help of our excellent mentors. The judges had a really tough time trying to pick out the winners as it was impossible to decide who should win the competition. Finally, despite there being so many great ideas, we chose the ones that were the most developed and complete. During the challenge, we have shown that youth are more than ready to take charge and create new innovations to create the future.

We have proven that despite being separated physically, we are all still united.

By: Achint Aju and Keshav Soni 

Dream Tank Youth Launch Global Hackathon: Reverse Pandemic Challenge

Last week the Dream Tank Team came together and decided to host a global hackathon to address and solve the many problems COVID -19 has created with unique youth ideas. Youth from all over the world will be able to build their “Dream” into “Reality” by meeting new people with different skills, and our excellent Dream Tank mentorship. The Hackathon consists of 5 main themes: Healthcare Aid/Assistance, Economic Restructuring, Education, and Open Innovation. The DreamTeam is excited to see the outcomes of this wonderful initiative!

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