We invite all Dream Makers and Game Changers to embark on a series beginning with the mission of redesigning education in the United States with a focus on ERacism: Eradicating Injustice beginning with the institution.






Mission Start: Upon first two teams of 22 filling their rocket ships

Journey Length: 6 Weeks

Quest: Justice & Education

Adversary: The Old World

Mission Control Reminds Us:

We Must Complete our Objective this Summer

Before the Old World Re-emerges



We will embark in teams of 22 Dream Makers in Training 

matched with varying Strengths, Ages (12-29), Geo-Location,

& Organization  to Complete your training and Mission Objectives.”

“3 Dream Masters like myself will guide your

journey using Intergen Methods.  However, we are only ‘guides’.

We are Relying on YOUR creativity and learning to deliver for the new world.” 

We are ready for the (R)Evolution.

We will rebuild the world.

We are the NextGen Entrepreneurs.

-Mission Control

World Broadcast from Global Chairman Jeff Hoffman

“Here at Dream Tank Mission Control, after 4 years of successful journeys we know that we can’t help the world without youth at the table. Using their art and power of dreaming, youth activate the changes we wish to see in the world.” 

“These Missions need support. While in the New world, Currency may be changing, right now we need to keep our Masters Dreamers, among Mission Control ready to continue to support each Dream Maker Team. We are calling on our Deep Space Communication Networks to Sponsor or Aid in support of what our New World so desperately needs.”



OUR Dreams, Purpose, & Passion MATTERS.

Our WORLD can not WAIT any longer.

-Mission Control

What Participants Receive:

Entrepreneurship and cross-sector collaboration skills

  • Leadership, pitch creation, mindset practices, and public speaking
  • Understanding of real, local challenges and sustainable development goals
  • Video editing and content creation, including logo design and branding

A Dream Maker certificate that includes:

  • Certificate in sustainable entrepreneurship 
  • EDIT (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Transformation) certificate
  • Dream Maker mindset + personal development certificate

Dream Tank entrepreneurship annual pass and membership

  • Access to our global network of cross sector leaders
  • Discounts on all Dream Tank events, workshops, accelerators and more 
  • Credit from major cloud service providers
  • Membership to business associations
  • Techstars tickets to any demo day, anywhere in the world
  • Startup Weekend fees waived for any startup weekend, anywhere in the world (13 locations)
  • Free website hosting, design and marketing services
  • 1:1 mentorship within our network

Dream Tank Digital Wallet and Dream Tank Currency