Dream Makers

Dream Makers

Dream Makers turn dreams into reality and passion into projects.

Duct Duck Goose

Addison Haid and Summer Gould​

Duct Duck Goose is a wearable art and accessory company that makes designs from duct tape.

Minecraft Builders

Ian Feller

Minecraft Builders turns designs from games into inspiration for buildings in real life.

Story Architects

Anya Smith, Summer Cuppari Gould

Story Architects is a creative production company that inspires kids and adults to not wait to do what they love. STA produces the kid-friendly youtube channel KIDS LIFE!

Shredder Stickers

Bodie Fox

Shredder Stickers is for snowboarders and skiiers alike to design their own stickers that keep track of their gear on the mountain!

Ms. Potions

Lara Lenderman, Delilah Berry


Cable Label

Emma Kraft

Emma is a 13 yr old on a mission to create sustainable tech products.


Anica Chavez-Grandits

Happillows makes the world better by creating more happiness in homes with funny quotes on handmade pillows that she makes with her mom.

The Koala Girls

Della B. and Sophie Feller

Della (10) and Sophie (11) are passionate about saving the koalas.


Matea Chavez-Grandits

Quirky is a comic strip for teens battling depression to help empower them to be themselves and that being different is awesome.


Embla Weibring and Maddy Barnes

Maddy and Embla are both 10 years old! Laquatic is an exploration to create an animal sanctuary in the Boulder area. They love animals and Hamilton the musical.

Cardboard Crafts

Kaden Ritzer

Kaden is 10 years old and his favorite movie is Boss Baby. He makes custom cardboard crafts for kids.

NPK Modworks

Nico Kadonaga

Nico is ten years old, modifies nerf guns while promoting anti-gun violence and is awesome.

Dream Tank Consultant

Ayden “Piyo” Dedrick

Piyo is 9 years old and loves helping people and owls. He runs Dream Tank Merchandise and is the Dream Tank Squad Auctioneer.

Children for Change

Jake Aloia

Jake is 12 and he loves making a difference. Children for Change matches and transports kids to awesome volunteer opportunities around town.


Preston Ritzer

Preston is 11 years old and he likes rainbowloom bracelets. He wants to celebrate and support diversity with the proceeds from his pracelets.

Dream Tank is registered as a non-profit in Colorado and is in process of receiving 501c3 status.  Contributions to DreamTank ™ are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.