Create a new human and planet-centered digital economy based on your passion, gifts and rewards.

Dream Tank is creating a gift-based economy to create a more thriving future, driven by youth innovation. Along with our wonderful partners at Alt Ctrl, we created Dream Coinz to launch us into this journey.

Dream Tank is building a global multiplayer game that will launch youth on their own missions; to unleash their dreams and creative ideas. This mission is built as a social impact and rewards-based program with gaming and micro/digital currency components.

Our mission Objective: Seeking to find actual solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals that can be translated to the real world. Cody Gould, a Dream Maker at Mission Control, developed the only youth-created and youth focused virtual camp in the Burning Man Multiverse this year, which is the beginning development of the global game. Cody and his team are looking for help to fully develop the game over the next year.

The game will include DreamTankCoinz, a stable coin based on Ethereum, which seeks to create a new human and planet-centered digital economy based on gifts and rewards. The game will engage Dream Tank’s Youth based problem solving network as an integral partner in bringing Real World Solutions to United Nations SDGs. In order to build a better future, we implore you to join our mission by supporting mission control with your gifts.

Dream Tank is an operating 501c3, therefore donations and contributions are tax exempt for United States Residents.

Once you get your Dream Tank ID and register for your first course, you’ll receive a Digital Wallet and DreamTankCoinz, which you will then be able to trade within the Dream Tank Multiverse, our global and intergalactic network and community!

If you are interested in leading a fundraising team dedicated to your favorite UN Sustainable Development Goal, please fill out the information below and we will get back to you with the relevant information needed to start your mission.