What is a Dream Tank ID?
This is your unique global identity in the Dream Tank community.

How is it used?
To take part in Dream Tank missions to gain the skills needed and unlock your power and gifts in being a dream maker. This is where missions are completed, badges earned and other rewards will be kept.

Why have one?
To become part of the global network of next generation youth leaders who are innovating to create solutions to our global crisis for a brighter future.

Coming Soon: Get your Dream Tank ID to use your dreams to change the world with Dream Tank.

For individuals 13 and over click on “Get your Dream Tank ID Here” button and follow instructions to provide personal information, pick ID, download app and take a selfie to complete the process to receive Dream Tank ID.

For those under 13 please have a parent start the registration process by clicking the “Get your Dream Tank ID Here” button below then download the app, verify you and create your ID.  You will then receive an email to complete the process to download the app and take selfie to complete process and receive Dream Tank ID.

Parental Notice for Children Under 13