We are the Next Generation.


We are Youth Leaders.


We are Responders.


Action Takers.  Innovators.  Dream Makers.


We are here to activate 1 billion young people worldwide to build solutions to our global crises for a brighter future.


We are Dream Tank.



Join our Expanding Team!

We are recruiting the best and brightest young people along with intergenerational leaders to join our youth global leadership team of NextGEN Innovation Fellows.  Benefit from access to global networks including leaders from every sector Audience with all United...

We went live with Replenish Earth

This past Sunday, August 30, one of our DreamMakers Cody and our CEO Heidi Cuppari participated in a livestream with Tia Kansara from Replenish Earth discussing the imaginations of children, and exploring how we might achieve our moonshot goals for humanity and the...

We are NOT going back

to school as usual.

Organizations with us:

These amazing partners at Dream Tank truly believe in unleashing the creative ideas of young people to design the future and have contributed in-kind and financially in a big way.  We invite you to join our growing collective!