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    (Boulder, Colorado – June 4, 2020) – A national coalition of youth has called for a virtual summit meeting to discuss “Youth Eradicating Racial Injustice” and to form youth-led problem solving teams to design solutions that they can bring back to their respective communities. Young people today are upset, confused, and most often not part of this conversation although they desperately want to be. 

    Racism and xenophobia are on a dangerous rise across the USA, and there is a huge and urgent need to involve our youth in both the discussion and the solution. They see the stories on television and on social media. They hear celebrities and influencers offering their opinions on these issues. They listen to their parents often expressing increasing fear and tension as protests continue across the nation. 

    To bring youth into the mainstream discussion, the global youth action organization Dream Tank is hosting its first in a series of online youth-led summits on Friday June 5. Dream Tank is a Colorado-based non-profit that operates a worldwide network of young problem solvers. The summit will be a cross-generational discussion of how to most effectively discuss racism and ways to end it. The event will conclude with our children, young adults and youth leaders forming innovation teams to design and propose specific solutions to these problems that can be funded and brought to fruition by the Dream Tank team and its network of investors, influencers, mentors, and advisors. 

    “We can’t continue to let the ‘adults’ handle a problem that affects our children every single day,” said Dream Tank Global Chairman Jeff Hoffman, the serial entrepreneur from and, who is also the Chairman of the 180-nation Global Entrepreneurship Network. “They need to be at the table and part of the answer.” 

    Dream Tank Founder Heidi Cuppari, a pioneer in impact finance and social innovation who has spent years teaching entrepreneurship and leadership skills to youth across the country said, “This is exactly the reason we created Dream Tank. For moments like this, where our young leaders can come to our online summit and be part of the solution. We are so excited to launch our summit series on June 5th with racism as the first world-changing problem that our young members across the country will address.” 

    22 year-old youth activist and head of Dream Tank’s operations Lauren Anderson said, “I joined Dream Tank because as a young American I needed a place to be heard, a place where my thoughts and ideas were treated as equal, not as cute young suggestions. Dream Tank and our online summit series is exactly that place.” 

    Youth and adults alike can sign up for Dream Tank’s “Youth Eradicating Racial Injustice” virtual summit at, where they can also join Dream Tank as a young problem solver or an adult mentor. 

    Dream Tank has assembled an impressive Youth Advisory Council, whose members will be facilitating the June 5th online youth summit and future events. This Council includes such accomplished members as Salim Ismail, author of Exponential Organizations, Priya Samant, Impact Advisor and Director of Business Development at Sequoia Applied Technologies and TransInnovation IOT, and Linda Clemons, CEO of Sisterpreneur. 

    Impact Advisor and Director of Business Development at Sequoia Applied Technologies and TranfInnovation IOT, and Linda Clemons, CEO of Sisterpreneur. 

    Dream Tank will be sharing the results of its June 5th summit nationally, as well as presenting plans and schedules for upcoming youth problem solving summits. 

    Media inquiries please contact Jeff Hoffman at and Heidi Cuppari at 

    ABOUT DREAM TANK Dream Tank is a 501c3 on a mission to lead one of the most effective Headquarters for innovation and problem solving in the world through inspiration and empowerment of youth. Feeling the impact of injustice around the world, beginning with COVID and escalating with racially charged injustice the youth-led organization decided they were not going to lose the opportunity to take action this Friday. They have recasted and dedicated much of their Impact Summit towards walking away with a solution. 

    Action, and Future Forward Thinking are the essence of the Dream Tank Team, and that is what we see here. Dream Tank is facilitating a youth response to this global problem, and integrated their plan to use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals or SDGs) as a framework through their accelerator this weekend to combine digital technology, tools, collaboration, mentoring, inspiration and confidence-building to walk away with solutions for this crisis.

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