Dream Tank Dream Makers, despite the snow, power through one big design challenge: innovate a b corporation to help Veterans!  The workshop was scheduled for two days, but the Dream Makers voted to stay until 8pm to finish their initial prototypes and designs. They pitched their ideas “Dream Tank Show” style. We will be publishing the video, stay tuned!

Read more in the Daily Camera Article here

Great quotes from the article:

“It’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure entrepreneurship challenge,” said program coordinator Melissa Ivey.

“We invited students to take their love of technology and align it with something purposeful,” said Heidi Cuppari, the chief of Dream Tank.

“The kids are going to be my focus group and my designers,” Debi Stack said. “The kids get to be advisers and they get to be a part of my company.”

Amalia Rose Battle Cordova, a 10-year-old from Boulder, said she liked the experiential format of the session and the opportunity for “kids to use their own ideas to help adults.”